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Engaging Opportunity Through Interruption

You and I have an opportunity during this season of COVID-19 distancing, loss and confusion to lean into these unplanned interruptions in our lives and create new rhythms through a series of habits that keep us refreshed and engaged.

Begin in a Quiet Space

Rising to a time of quiet with a daily reading fosters a healthy perspective for the day. Whether it’s your favorite author, poet, personal investment or Scripture and prayer, this is a simple way to shape your perspective before engaging the world through tech, and if possible, before the kids rise for the day.

Be Grateful & Hopeful

Journal, whiteboard or share with friends and family aspects of life you're grateful for. And look to future goals, possibilities and experiences with hope of what might yet be.

Get Physical

We’re designed to be active and engaged in some form of physical activity. If you’re able, make it a point to go for a walk, exercise or dig into a physically energizing project.

Create Space to Create

Whether it’s your preferred craft or a hobby, create space to focus on something beyond your current circumstances (economy, politics, finances etc). If it’s gardening, then spend an hour of focused time in the dirt, without talk radio or discussion about deadlines.

Community & Relationship

Acknowledge five or so friends, family and running mates closest to you. Attempt to connect daily and weekly showing commitment, support and genuine interest.

Interrupt Escapism with Life & Sabbath

When you’re burnt out, secluded or sinking into a funk it’s easy to mindlessly binge: social media, news, show series or simply tune out altogether… don’t. Shape your time to engage in relationships, creative pursuits, hobbies, education, service and even a Sabbath rest. True rest is beyond the screen. This is a deeper rest for your heart, body, soul and mind and often through prayer, meditation, quiet and focused / limited solitude or with those intimately close to you. A great way to begin each day, too.










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Weekly Coaching from the Comfort of Your Own Creative Space

Creativity is your sweet spot. Songwriter, artist, author, you create because you feel alive with purpose when you do. But something's off. Maybe you feel like you're in a dry spell OR realize you're undisciplined with poor habits OR you've never cast a vision and are wondering if now is a good time? Now is a great time! How many more days, months, years are you willing to trudge in place?


Listen, Life Coaching for Creatives is a partnership designed to help you discover, clarify and take steps on your creative journey. Together we make a plan to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Learn to create a G.R.O.W. Lifestyle

You set the agenda in our weekly phone connects

Gain clarity on Vision, Mission & Values for your art, band, brand

Develop Creative Habits for the long-haul

Take S.M.A.R.T. action steps moving you forward confidently

Engage in non-directive coaching and set the stage for ongoing growth


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We’re all designed with the ability to imagine and create with purpose, but many co-creators wrestle with negative self-talk and misdirection. I partner with creatives, inviting them to discern a vision of what could be, instigate a motivating mission and act on their unique creative habits, because I’m convinced that healthy co-creators live out healthy and productive pursuits.

I've spent years creating, studying, struggling with and pressing into my Creator on this journey. I'm jazzed to foster deeper learning and further action in the lives of co-creators around the world.

Thankfully I'm married to an amazing woman and and together we're helping our three kids discover who God designed them to be and how they can live that out fully engaged on their own pursuits. As for the rest of my journey? Ask me.


What story are you writing with your life?

Is it the one you want to tell?


Call / TEXT 330.962.5617

eMail / creativistacoaching@gmail.com

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