Change is taking place. How are you processing your options, opportunities and obstacles?

The current climate of business ownership, family welfare and future planning is at a unique place in this season. As a part of the Wadsworth community, I'm very much aware of the impact that social precautions, economic pressures and financial futures play in the here and now.

You have plans and goals. How would you like to move forward? What is keeping your from your next step? I'd love to see the creators of our donuts, beer, arts and services find clarity as Wadsworth resumes life through the second half of the year.

As a Life Coach, I'm very interested in serving our community to the degree that I'm able. I'm eager to see you weather the storm and come out on the other side with a plan and a hope. As an entrepreneur, owner, creator and designer, you're able confidently move forward, and I'd love to help see you find the clarity, confidence and courage to do so.

I'm inviting Wadsworth business owners and local creatives into a season of FREE weekly coaching.

 Partnering with a coach offers the opportunity to step outside of your current reality and attempt to gain a fresh perspective regarding:

  • vocational and / or personal decisions (big and small)

  • seen and unseen opportunities and the action steps to grab them

  • the myriad of options before you and bite-size plans for moving forward

  • clarifying and addressing obstacles in your path

  • clarifying your Vision, Mission and Values currently & moving forward


Together we'll shift perspective, brainstorm, set goals and take weekly action steps that engage your Vision, Mission and Values for the journey ahead.

As a Life Coach I offer non-directive coaching as you work through the fog of the unknown and the decisions only you can make, only with a trained coach by your side to both explore and encourage. 

Before you write off Coaching - let's connect and see if working together would be a good fit. Why not?


  • Coaching takes place over the phone.

  • Safe and secure 45 minute sessions / weekly.

  • Midweek text / email / call follow-up for ongoing accountability and encouragement.

  • Three connects / month.

Set up a Discovery Connect with Rich. Find out if coaching is the right fit for you.