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Sandy Beach
Creative Habits Bootcamp

Creative Habits & Rhythms

Every creative has a unique set of habits for creating.
Struggling to find your daily habits?​
Hesitant to schedule your creative energy, yet still waiting for that inspiration?
Not enough time in your day to create the way you used to?
Maybe you're just ready to create space physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally...
What we'll cover through Creative Habits & Rhythms:
Environment: Your creative space and the elements that set your pace.
Head-space: Tangible habits that foster heart and mind clarity for quicker creativity.
Rhythm: How a regular time (clock) and rhythm (routine) boosts your creative productivity.

Output: Committing to a quota and experiencing a greater output.
Coaching Flow:
Months Together

Eight 1x1 Sessions (4 Equipping / 4 Review)
Mid-Week Encouragement Check-Ins
ONE In-Depth Creative Pursuit Action Plan

8-Weeks of Intentional Focus on Your Creative Habits OR Another Year of Wishing You Had?

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