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Creatives Coaching

Imagine what could be different in your creative pursuits & within your heart, mind and soul one year from today.

As a fully engaged creative are you wrestling with how to connect your:

Personal life? Who you desire to be in the home.

Faith? What you believe about life, abilities and goals.

Creative pursuits? How you imagine the impact of your art?

Are you struggling to develop a healthy rhythm between Home & Creative Pursuits? Changing seasons with your family? New opportunities, options and obstacles?

Interested in catching a healthy worship / creative arts rhythm before burnout and despair?

Are you looking to go the distance as an artist, a band, an author or designer? Let's talk about VISION, MISSION and Habits and set you, your family and your team on a solid foundation. 

Partnering together for a season of Life Coaching can help you catch a greater perspective of your current reality and bridge the GAP (Growth / Achievement / Progress) to your desired future, dream or calling. Together we'll tackle decisions, opportunities, obstacles, goals, action steps and unpack your Vision, Mission and Habits along the journey.

I'm convinced that creatives are uniquely designed by the Creator. You and I, we have this internal beckoning to write, paint, shape, sing and design with purpose. From sharing personal struggles to designing practical tools, from rallying crowds to worshiping God, creatives think, process, move and act in unique ways... and from season to season we need help organizing our goals, taking the next risk, clarifying our vision and diving back in.

The Broad-View Triad
Download this FREE tool & begin exploring your own Vision, Mission & Values!

Set up a Discovery Connect with Rich. Find out if coaching is the right fit for you.

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