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Creatives Coaching

Imagine what could be different in your creative pursuits & within your heart, mind and soul one year from today.

Consider Your Current Reality

As a fully engaged creative are you wrestling with how to connect your:

Personal life? Who you desire to be in the home.

Faith? What you believe about life, abilities and goals.

Creative pursuits? How you imagine the impact of your art?

Are you struggling to develop a healthy rhythm between Home & Creative Pursuits? Changing seasons with your family? New opportunities, options and obstacles?

Interested in catching a healthy worship / creative arts rhythm before burnout and despair?

Are you looking to go the distance as an artist, a band, an author or designer? Let's talk about VISION, MISSION and Habits and set you, your family and your team on a solid foundation. 

Coaching Process & Practices

Partnering with a coach offers the opportunity to step outside of your current mindset and attempt to gain a fresh perspective regarding:

  • vocational and / or personal decisions (big and small)

  • seen and unseen opportunities and the action steps to grab them

  • the myriad of options before you and bite-size plans for moving forward

  • clarifying and addressing obstacles in your path

  • clarifying your Vision, Mission and Values currently & moving forward


Together we'll shift perspective, brainstorm, set goals and take weekly action steps that engage your Vision, Mission and Values for the journey ahead.

As a Life Coach I offer non-directive coaching through simple tools as you work through the fog of the unknown and the decisions only you can make.

Non-Directive G.R.O.W. Coaching:

  • Goals

  • Reality Check

  • Options & Obstacles

  • Will to act

Creative Habits:

  • Environment

  • Headspace

  • Rhythm

  • Output

The Blockenhower Paradigm:

  • Time Blocking: Daily / Weekly

  • Eisenhower Matrixing: Urgent / Important

  • List It: Classic To-Dos

The Broadview Triad:

  • Vision Declaration

  • Missional Movement

  • Values based clarity in decision-making.

Brainstorming. Reframing. Open-Ended Qs. 


  • Coaching takes place over the phone at your convenience.

  • Safe and secure 45 minute sessions / weekly.

  • You set the agenda and I steer the creative coaching process.

  • Midweek text or email for ongoing accountability and encouragement.

  • Up to three connects per month.

The Broad-View Triad
Download this FREE tool & begin exploring your own Vision, Mission & Values!

Set up a Discovery Connect with Rich. Find out if coaching is the right fit for you.

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