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Creativista Coaching Rates




$335 / month

1 x 1  coach / client phone connect through non-directive, open-ended, and tool-guided professional coaching. 


  • 3 x 60 min / sessions per month (typically first 3 weeks).

  • Mid-week check-ins for accountability / motivation as desired.

  • Single sessions available / alternate monthly rhythms.

Three-month initial sign-up with the flexibility to fit your goals month by month after this period. Have another idea? Just ask.

Indie &

$56 / session

1 x 1 coach/client phone connect with a limited focus on the discovery and implementation of creative habits, rhythms, and goals on the journey. The cost reflects the limited scope of coaching as compared to the open-ended nature of Professional Creatives Coaching.

The heartbeat behind Indie & Townie coaching is simply to help make coaching more accessible for those looking to gain clarity, find encouragement, and create action steps as you expand your indie artist reach or seek to engage your hobby or local gig with greater purpose.


  • 30-45 min sessions (typically first 3 weeks each month)

  • Up to 10 sessions as desired.

Note: Wrestling with a limited budget? Reach out and let's see how we can engage the coaching adventure at a price that works for you.


1 x 1  coach / client in-person / phone connect with a focus on the discovery and development of a personal plan for movement.


  • 3 x 60 min / sessions per month (typically first 3 weeks)

  • Open to Wadsworth, OH residents only

No financial commitment, however, a personal commitment to the coaching process is vital to experiencing renewed motivation for and action toward the next season.

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