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Creative Habits Workshop


You have something to create. So what's stopping you? Let's do everything we can to eliminate obstacles and set the stage for you creative pursuit.

The Creative Habits Workshop is a Practical & In-Person Journey Through the 4 Areas of a Healthy Creative Habit:

  • Environment: How our external context impacts your creativity and how to shape it

  • Headspace: Your internal journey to creative freedom through heart, mind and soul habits

  • Rhythm: The when you create and how often you create matters (times / dates)

  • Output: Production and release of your creative pursuits on time and on goal

Through these 4 Areas of the Creative Habit You Will:

  • Begin to ask and engage more intentional / personal questions

  • Brainstorm creative habits and rhythms in real time

  • Develop schedules, goals, plans and pursuits

  • Discover what other professionals and peers do to create and produce

  • Walk away with a plan of action to engage tomorrow!

Creative Habits Worksheet.jpg
Download this FREE tool & begin exploring your own Creative Habits!

Let's see if the Creative Habits Workshop will boost your productivity!

Show up ready to draw, sketch, write, create and draft your own creative game-plan. Leave with a fresh confidence partnered with a set of actionable steps to put your creative energy to work on a daily basis for more output toward your goals and greater vision.
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