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Through the Bible
Through the Bible
Through the Bible

Through the Bible

Seasons: Three Books = One Year in the Word

Discipleship Journal

Three Parts, Three Cover Designs

Perfect-bound Softcover Matte

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Through the Bible 1
Through the Bible 2
Through the Bible 3
Through the Bible How-To

'How to' Disciple Through the Bible

With one, two or a handful of disciples, spend a year or more reading and discussing Through the Bible in three easy to the manage seasons (journals).

Follow the 4D Rhythm to get the most out of reading Through the Bible together.

  • DEBRIEF | Review the previous week together.

  • DIG | Crack open the reading for the past week. It's always good to freshen up on the ground covered in the Word.

  • DISCUSS | Each one on your group will bring questions, observations, discoveries, encouragement etc. from their time in the Word.

  • DO | Commit to putting One Thing into practice in the coming week.

Each and every day, in your time alone with the Lord, you'll find several passages to read with room to jot down your observations.

Every day you'll read one passage each from the:

New Testament, Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs.

At the end of each season, Celebrate! together.

Through the Bible How-To

Q. Looking for a simple step toward discipling, encouraging and journeying with others in Christ through the Word?


Dive into these Disciple-Making journals today. Dig into the Bible together, guide the conversation using the 4D Rhythm, and share what God's teaching you in the Word.

Click the pig & pick up your set today.

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