Study Journal
Study Journal
Study Journal
Study Journal

STUDY Journal

O.I.A. Method Study / Note-taking Journal

Observation, Interpretation, Application

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  • Struggling to organize what you're learning in your time in the Word?

  • Looking for a simple tool to help guide your book study: who, what, when, where and why?

  • Looking for an accountability tool with those in your reading / study / discussion group?

How to read and collect your thoughts with the Study Journal:

Note the passage in study and the date for your record.

The What section is where general notes from the reading, teaching, lesson or sermon take shape: genre, events, characteristics, quotes, questions, ideas etc.

The APPLY section wraps up your study with three Key Qs: what are you learning, how can you put this principle into practice, who will you share it with?

Study Journal Page
Study Journal Page

Take note of the Who, Where, and When as you work your way through the passage / chapter.

Jot down Key words from your reading - words that resonate, that need defining, that offer deeper insight, that require deeper study...

Why? offers space to record the 'main theme' or 'principle' of the topic of study.

How much longer before you decide to take ownership of your daily reading / study?


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