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Family Dad Coaching


What would you do with a healthier life Rhythm and a clearer Vision?

Dads, we wrestle with a slew of unique parenting propositions, don't we? Schedules, 'the talk', discipleship, adventures, discipline, work ethic, joy and fun, protection, financial responsibility, commitment, an engaged faith in Christ etc.

What if you could actually clarify your family Vision, Mission and Values? How valuable would that be to your current peace of mind and future seasons together?

How do you handle your daily, weekly and monthly family rhythms? What might it feel like to engage your kids on your terms, to build them up in their faith, skills and healthy habits for a successful future?

What about your dreams for your wife? Are you living the vision the Lord put on your heart and in your gut? Are you leading toward the next season together?

Partnering with a coach cracks open your current reality and helps bridge the GAP (Growth, Achievement, Progress) to your desired future, dream or calling. Imagine taking actual steps toward thriving in the life you hope to share with your amazing wife. What would it be like to pass that depth of insight and life rhythm on to your kids more and more, not just by words, but with actions and through faith.


Together we tackle ongoing decisions & schedules, opportunities, options and obstacles, goals big and small, and weekly action steps that engage your Vision, Mission and Values for a fruitful and faithful journey.

Imagine how your life could be different externally & internally one year from today. On the other hand, imagine nothing has changed, how does another year of the same make you feel? You've invested in key areas of your life... it's time to spend a season investing in a a better life rhythm for a clearer and more enjoyable Preferred Future

The Broad-View Triad
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