Life Spaces  Workshop

The Life Spaces Workshop is an opportunity to discover and even admit some areas of both weakness and strength when it comes to how we purposefully engage our time, energy and relationships on Mission and with Vision.

In the Life Spaces Workshop we won't spend our time discussing each Priority or Space in life, instead each one of us will choose our own slice of the pie, an area we desire to grow in, and unpack it both alone and in group discussion. Together we'll engage the potential impact of a healthy personal, relational and I believe God-centered space in life.

TWO Spaces Workshops OPTIONS: (Let's connect and find the right fit for your team)

  1. The Life Spaces: A series of spaces that, by nature of our existence, we live within everyday: relationships, career, rest, faith, creative pursuits, family etc.

  2. The 8ight Priorties: A series of spaces overtly directed toward a Christ-centered, disciple-making life rhythm: Time with God, family, other Christians, rest etc.

Look, creatives are notorious for mismanaging, emotionalizing, spiritualizing and fostering terrible habits to the detriment of a healthy, long-standing, fruitful rhythm of life... So let's partner for an hour or so, slice up the pie of life and spark some fresh life and a new perspective in an area on your heart.