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Above the Clouds

Grizzly Coaching

Coaching, unlike counseling, is a partnership in developing both personal and vocational goals, making daily decisions for healthy growth, creating weekly action steps, and then reviewing and repeating for ongoing movement.


Creating a decision-making structure that you can implement daily and simply will not only help alleviate ongoing anxiety but will also foster clarity, confidence, and courage as you work toward your goalsIf you're stalled out for any number of reasons, a season of coaching can help stir the pot and foster movement for a refreshed season.

CONNECT: Commit to the coaching process & connect with an accountability partner for the long haul.

ATTITUDE: Looking forward honestly and with a plan.

GOALS: Short term checkpoints and long term goals.

TOOLS: Assessments, schedules, and daily maps for growth.

And let's build a Decision-Making framework you can live with.

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