Above the Clouds

Decision-Making Habit

Creating a decision-making structure that you can return to in a moments notice will not only alleviate unnecessary stress and anxiety, but will also foster clarity, confidence and courage in your decision-making. Daily choices become clearer in light of your values and vision. Heavier choices are given a venue and voice as you take the wheel in mapping out your response.


VISION: The big goal / dream you're working towards.

MISSION: The clear and specific action you're taking to achieve your goal.

VALUES: The building blocks of life and creativity that keep you on mission as you leap towards your goal.



SHORT: Daily decisions can accumulate. The more focused you are on your mission, and the more clear your life / core values are, the less time you need to confidently make daily decisions with little headspace.

LONG: Weightier decisions require the same mission / value focus and ownership, yet may also require a reasonable, beneficial and accountable time-frame for healthy decision-making.


Do you have a go-to set of tools for mentally mapping out decisions?

How about a simple pro / con list? What about a brain-mapping diagram to see if / how this decision fits in the broader scope?

How about a healthy, well cultured and honest schedule? Do you live a 24/7 crunch breath with a sabbath? What do you do?


Who do you trust to run big decisions by?

Mentor? Partner? Coach? Advisor?

Decide ahead of time and communicate clearly whether you'll be seeking advice, wisdom, counsel, a listening ear, challenge, help through your processing tool, prayer etc.

Factor in their counsel and then engage your values.


Our mind functions best when partnered with our heart, body and soul. Like diets, our attitude (heart and mind) must connect our values and actions for the healthy growth.

After reflecting on your vision, analyzing your options in light of your mission through tools, working within your time-frame and seeking clarity from an accountable partner... how much time are you spending in meditation and prayer?

And let's build a Decision-Making framework you can live with!