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Create Day Journal
Create Day Journal
Create Day Journal

Create Day Journal

5 minute pre-work journaling with purpose.

Gratitude, Thought Dump, Day's Priorities, Obstacles & Options, Be!

Spiral-bound, Perfect-bound

AbsoUnpro / Lulu & Ingram Spark

  • Skip the soul-sucking, unhealthy procrastination.

  • Start each day, each creative session, on purpose.

  • Intentionally focused or unintentionally scattered.

  • Five minutes of prep is worth a day of fruitfulness.

How to prepare to Create Daily w / the Journal:

Begin with acknowledging a few things you're grateful for.

Next, take a minute to free your mind from all that's rattling around up there: distractions, negative self-talk, 'To-Do' list, etc.

Create Day Journal Page
Create Day Journal Page

Note your top three priorities for the day. 1000 words? Second draft? 25 phone calls? Outline? Be clear and concise - the alternative is fog and funk.

Point out expected and potential obstacles that may hinder the path to realizing your day's priorities. Note an option for overcoming before you hit it. EX: Phone addiction - turn it off; Time distraction - set an alarm for 20 min. 'stretch' intervals etc. 

Proclaim your goal for the day and dive in!

Q. At the end of today, what do you want to have accomplished in your creative pursuit?

Click the pig & pick up yours today.

Abso Unpro
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